Price It - Sign Pricing Guide
Taking The Guess Work out of Pricing Every Day Sign Making

'Price It!' - What is it all about?


A lot of time and research has gone into producing this guide and its content.
The guide is aimed at the average size company who's main market is 'general sign making', i.e. the company that today is making a shop sign, tomorrow lettering a van, the day after a banner and pavement sign etc, etc.

The guide is divided up into categories:-

Artwork, banners, full colour printing, fitting/installation, magnetics, aluminium composite signs,  foamex, correx,  acrylic, frames for signs, flat cut letters, vehicle lettering,  vinyl lettering, window lettering, flood coating, sign fitting and pavement signs.

Each category gives prices for a basic layout, an intermediate layout, a complex layout, part colour & full colour layouts, a price for a full range of sizes is give for each. A  example of each layout is given in the guide, this can be used to up sell the customer to a higher value sign, you will be amazed at how many customers think they want a cheap basic sign, until they see what they could have for a few pounds more.

The prices have been worked out by surveying every-day sign making companies both large and small all over the country (many many thanks to all who have given there time to undertake this survey). From that research the average price for any given job has been worked out.

I believe having the average price for a job is the best model for the guide. Yes, different companies have different overheads that effect prices, (every company should know their overheads), but if you are charging below the average price because you have low overheads you are letting your customers walk away with your profits. It should be your bonus that your costs are low and not your customers.

If you have higher than average overheads (i.e up market offices in town centre with latest equipment) that mean you charge above the average price, then you should have a unique selling point that allows you to sell at that price (i.e. that town centre office make it easier for customers to get to you and for you to produce their job quicker/better etc). Ether way the guide should work for you, you just have to add or subtract a percentage to the average price for the job to get your selling price.

The guide is printed in A5 format so it can be used with ease to quote jobs on site or at your desk.


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