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Taking The Guess Work out of Pricing Every Day Sign Making

Background History To the Guide

After being in the sign industry for 24 years, of which the last 15 years have been running my own company, I still find it hard to price jobs. Am I too cheap? Am I too dear? What''s my competitor charging? I'm not the only one, you only have to talk to sign makers or look at some of the sign making forums on the Internet, pricing questions are there all the time. How much for this, how much for that, in a lot of cases the replies are a little cagey at best. Sign Makers don''t like giving prices out to their competitors, perhaps worried that they are too cheap or dear, or that the information may be used to undercut them.
The second biggest gripe of sign makers is new competitors arriving in an area and offering ''cheap'' prices, devaluing the market for everyone. In many cases these companies are new start ups and could be offering ''cheap'' prices because they don''t understand pricing themselves.
I firmly believe that many, many sign makers under value their services.

That''s why I thought there should be a yearly guide that gave you the market value of the most common jobs a sign maker produces: sign boards, vans, banners etc, but no guide of this type existed in this country. Hence ''Price it!'' was born, produced by a sign maker for sign makers.

The first edition of the guide was published at Sign UK in April 2007, it continues to be well received by the industry.


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