Price It - Sign Pricing Guide
Taking The Guess Work out of Pricing Every Day Sign Making


What the sign industry has said about the Guide:

Well done for producing this guide. I just got back today and did a quick check with my own prices and find we are in good general agreemant. I think something like this is needed to get some form of consistancy in the business - this guide will certainly help many of the newcomers in the business that mistakenly price their signs too low (I know I did when I first started 11 years ago). I hope you make some money doing this. If you aren''t getting enough in from your advertisers, maybe you should consider selling the guide to signmakers to help recoup your costs. I know I would be more than happy to pay a decent price for an annual guide like this to ensure it remains viable for you to produce it every year.

I just want to say a big thankyou for sending me the price it sign guide booklet, absolutely amazing and just what I needed to start trading. I have been holding off venturing into this area purely because I wasn't confident in pricing up the job. At least I know now that I will be industry priced and will now have the information to price a job up appropriately giving me a nice profit whilst being fair to the potential customer. (and not annoying the competition :0)

Thank you for our recently recieved copy of "Price it" A real eye opener! Im sure this will be a valuable and helpful tool.

Received it this''s great.

Read an article on the UK sign boards regarding your sign pricing guide, after reading through your website I hold my hands up it relates to my sign company and if other sign companies are honest it relates to most companies in our industry. So following reading through the information on your website I would like to register my company to receive a copy of this price guide and I am also willing to take part in helping in any way I can in your market research to help our industry get the profits we all deserve and to try and stop companies in our industry under cutting themselves.

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say THANKS! We picked up a copy of the guide at this years NEC Sign show and it's fabulous. We use it practically every day.

Hi, What a wonderful idea to have a price guide so it''s a level playing field!
We''ve just expanded our business into signage with he purchase of a new Mimaki JV3 130 solvent printer and Mimaki cutter plotter and it''s really difficult pricing up a new job just in, for full graphics on the back doors of a fleet of Tautliner trailers - I need your guide!!! I will be very grateful if you could send me one as soon as possible.

Firstly ''BRILLIANT'' just what signmakers need. I will be using mine all the time, and yes I will be buying further copies. But one question. Congratulations!

I would like to compliment you on the Price It Guide. It has been most helpful to us in the past year and whilst I never use it as the only indicator of price I have found it to be very helpful in establishing our policy on many items. I find that I am often about 10% either side of your figure when I calculate from first principles. I feel the influence of the guide has mainly been to help hold my price up when customer and perceived competition pressures would have caused me to bid low. This is helpful as it is very easy to let prices drift down when people (especially the general public) are pushing for a "bargain". They don''t seem to care about the supplier and quickly forget "the Blinding Deal" they had especially if there is any kind of issue with the sign (usually of their own making).

I do hope that you will be able to continue with this good work and I would like to register for the next edition please!

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